3 Kinky date ideas to spice up your sex life

Everyone is trying to get in on that Fifty Shades of Grey life. Now that this film and book series created a sensation, kinky sex is becoming more and more mainstream! Sure, a ton of people were into kinky sex before hot fictional billionaires were doing it but they were much more quiet about their desires. Some people never even mentioned it and lived horny and unsatisfied lives. But now, a lot of people have finally gained the confidence to come out as a total freak to their partners.
So, since you’re reading this, you’re either one of those people or your partner is! Now the real question is: how do you get kinky? Well, you don’t have to have a full on dungeon to get down BDSM style! All you need is a little creativity (you don’t even need handcuffs!) Here are a few kinky date ideas that you can try out tonight:

1. Relive your high school years

When you were in high school you have to have had sex in your car at least once. Well, if you’re the kind of person who’s into the thrill of potentially getting caught or having an audience during your sexual encounters bang in the car!

One of the most popular kinks is having sex in public! So, take a drive and park somewhere that’s not too deserted and get it on. Just make sure you don’t get caught by a cop, you’ll have less of an excuse as to why you’re fucking in the car if you’re well out of high school.

2. Tell your partner to take charge on a date!

Sometimes all it takes to make your date night a little more exciting is a power exchange. If you’re feeling submissive, allow your partner to take complete charge on a date. Let them order for you, let them decide who pays, and let them take charge once you get home. If you’re the dominate one, you take charge!

This will appeal to the thrill of doing something somewhat sexual in public (even if it’s not outright banging). You’ll feel sexy without there being any handcuffs involved! This simple introduction of a power exchange will introduce you and your partner to what it might feel like to exchange power in a similar way in the bedroom!

3. Undercover bondage

This next idea might involve a little online shopping beforehand! Look up some simple bondage that you can hide under your clothes! There are plenty of ties that involve a little bit of rope (which you can buy online) that you can discreetly hide under clothing.
So, order some rope and start learning how to tie! You’ll feel sexy knowing that you’re bound under your clothing or that your partner is under there’s! After your date go home and see how that tension translates in the bedroom!

A lot of people think that you have to have all the stuff a dungeon master might have to be into kinky dating stuff! But that’s not true, all you need is a little creativity and a dirty imagination!

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