Best Games Back in the Day

All of you 90’s babies know what it was like to secure your place at the family computer and load up your favorite video game. There was no bliss that compared to a long-awaited binge gaming session on your Dad’s now ancient Dell desktop. Sure the thing took forever to load, but we didn’t know any better. These were the days before 4G LTE connection; we had dial up baby. Here are some of the best computer games from back in the day that truly shaped who we are today:

Carmen San Diego
This game was probably more educational than it was anything else, however it was still the bomb. Who was Carmen San Diego? No idea. Why did she only wear red trench coats? Who knows. But I swear we all played that game until our fingers bled. I think it was ment to teach geography, but it just made every girl want to someday achieve that level of mystery.

To this day I have no idea where Miss San Deigo may be, we may never know. Who knows what she is doing now. But That video game will forever be a part of us reguarless if it was mostly ment to be educational.

Zoo/Roller Coaster Tycoon
God, these games could probably still suck you in. Every little kid was aboslutely obsessed with the Tycoon series. It split people down the middle into two very seperate categories: Zoo Tycoons and Roller Coaster Tycoons.

Those who played Zoo Tycoon were mostly nurturing and were out to create utopia. Those who played Roller Coaster Tycoon just wanted to watch the world burn. When either type would try to cross over it lead to choas: the Roller Coaster type would put zebras and lions in the same enclosure, and the Zoo Tycoon people hardly knew what to do with the roller coaster parts.

Deus Ex
If you’re a fan of any of the legendary console first person shooters, Call of Duty and Halo to name a couple, you have this game to thank.

Deus Ex pioneered what first person shooters are today. With it’s riveting storyline and user friendly game play – which still managed to require some level of skill – this game really set the standard for first person shooters to come.

How could you possibly forget Doom?

Similar to Deus Ex, this game paved the way for so many horror games to come. This really set the standard for the genre. I remember everyone who played Doom was immediately sucked in and those who weren’t allowed to play – because their parents wer too over protective – wished they could and tried to sneak in a game when over at their friends’ houses.

For the mellower types this was the game of choice. If you were looking for a relaxing yet interesting mystery, this game was probably your favorite.

This game birthed many a mystery novel reader and thriller movie watcher. Every little kid who played this game got to feel like Columbo, even if it was only for an hour until their little sibling had a turn.

If you want to learn more about this, then check out the video below!