These Are The Top 3 Apps For Finding A Local Hookup

Looking for your next favorite hook up app? Look no further! Here are three of the top hook up apps available on the market to help you land a local hook up tonight!

1. Okhookup

This app is perfectly designed to find you someone local to hook up with ASAP.

By signing up for Ok Hook Up, you’ll be able to find a variety of people from different backgrounds, races, religions, etc. all within your area. It takes the hassle of avoiding talking to people looking to settle down with apps like Tinder, and the sketchiness of looking for people to meet and hook up with over sites like Craigslist. Since CasualX is an app specifically tailored for people looking only for casual encounters and casual sex, you’ll never waste time talking to someone who is looking for a relationship or to settle down.

Here, you’ll have access to people who are looking for one night stands, friends with benefits relationships, flings, swinging, threesomes, and even affairs. Everything is no strings attached so everyone knows what to expect and you’ll never have a problem with someone getting too clingy.

With over 2.2 million users, you’re bound to find someone on this app who peaks your interest so get looking!


With the DOWN app, they use your Facebook account to log you in and search for people who also use the app to hook you up with. That means if there’s someone you’re friends with on Facebook that maybe you’ve been eyeing, but don’t know how to approach, for a potential hookup — well, now the work will be done for you!

If you’re worried that people will know you’re a user of DOWN because your Facebook is linked to your account, don’t worry — DOWN is committed to keeping your privacy. You will not come up in any search results as a DOWN user, and your matches won’t know you’re interested in them until they are as well.

This is a great app to use for local hookups because they take their pool of potential hook-ups straight from your Facebook account, matching you up with people you may or may not already know in your area.

3. Grindr

This is a staple in the gay community.
I can guarantee you that by being on the app within a few hours, maybe less, you will already have someone messaging you for a hookup.

While there is a mix of both people looking to date and people looking to hook up, much like Tinder, you’ll more often than not run into someone looking for casual sex. Grindr is a great app when you want a local hookup because they run a location-based app that lets you see users nearby and see who’s online.